AMBER + ASH said ‘I DO’ at the stunning Providence Gully Farm in SANDON, just 15 minutes out of DAYLESFORD VIC.

The couple opted for a cocktail style wedding with antipasto platters and wood fire pizzas (which were the most amazing pizza’s might I add!) This wedding was struck with the most magnificent storm while we all huddled in a leaking makeshift shed just waiting for the rain to pass. When time was starting to run short and the Kombi was almost due to leave, I made an executive decision to reverse the Kombi into the shed and do our location photos in there in case the weather didn’t improve. Luckily the rain stopped, the clouds parted and the heaven opened letting out the most beautiful blue sky and even a rainbow!

I loved the little chook pen, vegetable garden and water tower and couldn’t wait to use these unique backdrops for some bridal party portraits. I absolutely adored this rustic chic venue and AMBER + ASH’S styling was just the perfect fit.

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