Welcoming SPRING in Victoria’s Sherbrooke in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges, LACHIE + SARAH tied the knot in a stunning outdoor ceremony at POET’S LANE RECEPTIONS.

The two met when Lachie went to St. Joseph’s College FTG (an all boys school) and Sarah went to Mater Christi (an all girls school) during the year 9 mingling/activities day. They were placed in the same group and at the end of the day he asked for her number.

The proposal was just as cute with Lachie taking Sarah’s engagement ring with him on their trip to the states last year, and had it with him when they visited the Grand Canyon. When they were at the Canyon Lachie thought it would be an amazing place to ask her the question so he did. He found a quiet spot with nothing around and then asked her! Of course, she said yes!


Gown / Eternal Bridal

Hair & MakeupSuzy La Vu Make Up and Hair Design

Band / Southside Soul

ShoesShoes of Prey

Invitations & Stationary / Ginger Lou Designs

Flowers / Under the Ivy 

CakeMilk The Cow

CarsKombi Celebrations

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